Monday, August 30, 2010

US Box Office Estimates August 27-29 2010

A close run weekend has meant that instead of the estimates, it's the actuals. Two new films have stormed to the top, while many of last weeks new releases have resorted themselves. With only $3M between 4th and twelfth places, it was a matter of taste and appeal.

The two new films, thief film Takers, and horror film Exorcism, narrowly divided the top two spots, displacing the elder-statesmen of action films from the top. Eat Prey Love just sticks ahead of cop-comedy The Other Guys, while spoof film Vampires drops a lot

Inception meanwhile has climbed back up, the well-regarded film regaining ground it lost last week to the novelty of all the new films, but stays just ahead of Nanny McPhee, The Switch, and Piranhas. A very close weekend

Curiously, the 3D-only Avatar:Special Edition hit the 11th spot, with $4M (typically enough for a top-ten place) despite the film being available on DVD and blu-ray for a few months now. It does disprove, more than anything, that the concerns about 'camming' are overblown.

Next week's figures will be late, as I will be at Dragon*Con until late Monday. If you're going to be there, hunt me down!

Rank (last week) Film Weekend Gross (Millions) Theaters Total Gross to Date (Millions) Weeks on release
1 (N) Takers $20.5 2,206 $20.5 1
2 (N) The Last Exorcism $20.3 2,874 $20.3 1
3 (1) The Expendables $9.5 3,398 $82.0 3
4 (3) Eat Pray Love $6.8 3,108 $60.5 3
5 (5) The Other Guys $6.2 3.181 $99.0 4
6 (2) Vampires Suck $5.2 3,233 $27.8 2
7 (9) Inception $4.8 2,070 $270.5 7
8 (8) Nanny McPhee Returns $4.7 2,798 $16.9 2
9 (7) The Switch $4.5 2,017 $16.4 2
10 (6) Piranha 3D3D $4.3 2,491 $18.2 2
It’s important to remember, these figures for the weekend are released lunch-time Sunday, so estimate Sunday’s figures, there may be some discrepancies. Figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo. Click here for the full weekend figures.

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