Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recommended Bittorrent/µTorrent Settings

As I've shown already, Oftentimes people do REALLY stupid things with their client settings. I mean beyond ordinary 'stupid'. Private tracker sites are one of the main reasons for this. The all-fired obsession with seeding as much as possible, because of the power of the intangible and all-powerful 'ratio' that must be obeyed, and adhered to at all costs.

Thus I felt that I should reprint this, as first developed by a friend of mine, a µTorrent forum moderator that goes by the name of Switeck. This was first publshed on the µTorrent forum, but in the spirit of getting it out there, and easily found, he agreed to this reprint. These settings work for pubic AND private trackers (and work better for private trackers than the ones suggested by those trackers in most cases)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Super' Seeder's Stupid Settings

The  last µTorrent support post I made was quite popular. over 600 hits in one day (the usual is 20-30/day). However, life goes on and so another day, another stupid support problem, but unlike last time, this guy thinks he's smart and knows what he's doing. Like last time, it's the µTorrenet support channel, and this happened December 16th (yesterday)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magnet Links in Operation

This was a segment I originally filmed for but my voice isn't exactly the best, and neither is my microphone. However, it's still important to get it out there

There is a lot of misconceptions about magnet links, and how well they work. A lot of people say they're slow, which is rubbish. So, I decided to make this little video. For obvious reasons, I used a torrent of, from mininova.

Friday, December 4, 2009

P2P Hurts UK Music Sales?

... or so we're told.
There is a belief, that music sales are being harmed by the internet. MP3's and peer-to-peer (p2p) networks have made swapping music easy, ever since Napster burst onto the scene in 1999. There is even a section on the BPI's website that deals with it (strangely titled "File-sharing FAQ's"
Why is it a problem; does filesharing damage music sales?
Aside from the fact that filesharing infringes and undermines the rights of the creators and investors in music, it’s enormously damaging to music sales.
Is is true though?

Well, according to figures from the UK music industry themselves, the answer is No.