Monday, August 2, 2010

OFCOM Consultation Response

The consultation that is both open and closed did close for good 3 days ago, and as promised, I am posting my consultation response. If the applet doesn't work, you can also download it here.

There were many things wrong with the consultation, mostly the assumptions used were completely false. Then again, this consultation was because of the Digital Economy Act, which was based on a whole bunch of false claims and ludicrous assumptions, so it was only to be expected.

At the time of writing, it's not on their website (only 100 responses are). It was submitted via their online form, and this document was created from the text sent back as verification (although it would have been better if it had been cryptographically signed, so that in case of a problem, we knew the text is accurate).

I joined the UK Pirate Party in creating their statement about the consultation, which got the point over much better than I could have as an individual. You can read it on their website.


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