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US Box Office Estimates August 13-15 2010

A little late this week (apologies) but it means the actuals, instead of Sunday-lunchtime estimates (but the disclaimer on the bottom will still be the same).

Ensemble films have become somewhat popular again, thanks to the Ocean films, and so it was only a matter of time before an action ensemble film was made. The Expendables is that film, and it seems to have paid off somewhat - certainly it took the top spot, and has Stallone and Schwarzenegger together in a film for the first time, with Bruce Willis (Sly and Arnie have often referenced each other in their films; Arnie's The Last Action Hero(1993) showed Sly playing Arnie's role in Terminator 2, while Demolition Man (also 1993) made references to the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library, 10 years before he became Governor of California).

Meanwhile, Julia Robert's, one of the ensemble stars from the Oceans films, took this ensemble on with her romantic-comedy Eat Pray Love which had a decent beginning, although it's opening weekend lead over last-weeks first place film, Other Guys, is smaller than hoped.

Inception is still causing nightmares for many, as 5 weeks in and still pulling in 7 figures at the box office, weeks after cam versions have been released, keeping it above the just-released comic-book adaptation, Scott Pilgrim. Despicable Me likewise shows longevity, keeping last weeks 6th place, on it's 6th weekend - it's acting a lot like Carell's last project, which id it with the 7s 3 months earlier.

At 7, there's Step Up 3d. Last week it surprised many people with it's popularity, but like many niche films, it seems to have been burning through it's small potential fan base quickly, as evidenced by this drop. Schmucks isn't fairing so well either, just edging ahead of Jolie's Salt by a few thousand dollars, and while both appear to have just about clawed back their budgets at the worldwide boxoffice, the same can't be said for the drowned  fleabag that is Cats+Dogs2, which has so far made $58Million worldwide at the box-office, on a budget of $85M - and that's before we take into accountt he 55/45 split of box-office revenues between the studios and the theatres.

Meanwhile, as predicted last week, Toy Story 3 broke the $400M barrier, just, hitting $400.8M with an 11th place 2.2M weekend.

Originality this week is 7 (Expendables, eat Pray Love, Other guys, Inception, Salt, Schmucks, Despicable), with 2 sequaks (cats+dogs, and step-up) and a comic-book adaptation (Scott Pilgrim)

Rank (last week) Film Weekend Gross (Millions) Theaters Total Gross to Date (Millions) Weeks on release
1 (N) The Expendables $34.8 3,270 $34.8 1
2 (N) Eat Pray Love $23.1 3,082 $23.1 1
3 (1) The Other Guys $17.4 3,651 $69.9 2
4 (2) Inception $11.2 3,120 $248.4 5
5 (N) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World $10.6 2,818 $10.6 1
6 (6) Despicable Me3D $6.97 2,923 $222.2 6
7 (3) Step Up 3D3D $6.90 2,439 $29.8 2
8 (5) Dinner for Schmucks $6.28 3,046 $58.7 3
9 (4) Salt $6.21 2,834 $103.4 4
10 (7) Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore3D $4.1 2,728 $35.2 3
It’s important to remember, these figures for the weekend are released lunch-time Sunday, so estimate Sunday’s figures, there may be some discrepancies. Figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo. Click here for the full weekend figures.

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