Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Panels at Dragon*Con 2011

In a few days time I'm off to Dragon*con 2011. It's a science fiction convention, but more as well. I will be giving two panels there, one on Muon1, and one on Bittorrent.

This year I'm giving two panels, The first, is at 1pm on Friday, September 2nd, with the Science Track

Forget hunting for primes or alienspotting. See how genetic-based distributed computing can beat bruteforce methods.
A. Norton
Fri 1:00pm; 202 [HIL]

The second is on Monday September 5th, again at 1pm, with the Electronic Frontiers Forums Track.

Bittorrent: Happy 10th BirthdayIt’s been 10 years since file-sharing protocol Bittorrent was publicly launched. Why has it survived and prospered to dominate P2P?
A. Norton, TJ Milhil
Mon 1:00 pm; 201 [HIL]

Both are in the Atlanta Hilton.

Audio for the second will be posted as soon as possible afterwards, for the science track will hopefully be soon as well. Audio for last years EFForums panel on ISPs and 3-strikes is available here, on the EFForums website, in both MP3 and OGG formats.

I will be tweeting (@ktetch) throughout the con, and will give a post-con report as soon as possible too. If you're going to dragon*con though, stop by and say hi. I'll be around the Reality tracks most of the time (Hilton rooms 201-205)

Meanwhile, here's some video from last years Dragon*con

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