About Me

About Andrew Norton

(also known as K`Tetch)

Liverpool born (that's the one in the UK) and raised (in this house), he now lives in rural Georgia (that's the one in the US). He has worked in Television, with the Record industry, and is currently writing a book. He was educated at the Liverpool Blue Coat School from 91-98, and then studied Robotics at the University of Liverpool.

From May 2007 he became the head of the US Pirate Party.  In September 2008, he left the US party to take over Pirate Party International, to help coordinate the European parties for the 2009 European Election, and also to help the formation of new parties. In July 2009, he stepped down from this position to concentrate on research work involving peer-to-peer systems, and democracy.

On July 14th 2010, he rejoined the board of the US Pirate Party, taking the role of Legal Officer, a position that had been unfilled through the party's short history, but stepped down at the end of November.