Thursday, August 11, 2011

Make Him Download From Me!

Yes, it's time for another touch of idiocy. This one comes from the Pirate Bay's IRC channel, a good source to pick up rumors relating to bittorrent. There have been many similar ones in other channels, but none quite so blunt about what they expect.

The following took place on Wednesday August 10 2011 in #thepiratebay on EFnet.

19:18:20 «zahid» hi
19:18:52 «zahid» some peers are connected to me but my full upload speed is not used y
19:19:02 «zahid» only 1 kb or so
19:19:15 «zahid» it should upload more than 100 kb
19:19:22 «zahid» i am only one seeder in torrent
19:20:05 «K`Tetch_» maybe their downstream is full
19:20:28 «K`Tetch_» don't know what you want us to do about it
19:21:52 «zahid» i wanna know how can i forcely upload to them
19:22:39 «K`Tetch_» you can't
19:23:11 «K`Tetch_» any more than they can control your client
19:23:18 «zahid» okd
19:23:32 «K`Tetch_» thats so stupid, it's going on my idiocracy pile

Clearly, someone didn't realise that you can only upload to someone that wants something. If no-one wants the data in the torrent, you can seed all you want, but you won't transfer. This is fairly common with users of so-called "private" trackers, where torrents are usually chronically overseeded. The other popular one is the person that wants to force people to upload to them, because their download isn't fast enough. Again, they're oblivious to the counterpart, that if other people can be forced to upload to them, then they can be forced to upload to others (to the point of making the download ground to a halt)

So to Zahid, in Pakistan, I hereby induct you into the Hall of Morons.

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