Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Week, Another Idiot With BitTorrent Settings Issues

Yet another idiot inducted into the hall of morons, who doesn't understand his settings, and can't be bothered to read the help file to understand what they do.

This is taken from the µTorrent support channel, #utorrent on Wednesday August 17 2011

17:42:56 «ev1luti0n» When using the send file feature
17:43:03 «ev1luti0n» i cant download other torrents
17:43:08 «ev1luti0n» drag and drop send*
17:43:22 «ev1luti0n» but when i remove the d&d torrent
17:43:32 «ev1luti0n» the downloads from various other trackers begin
18:06:26 «&DWKnight» ev1luti0n: preferences - queueing
18:06:27 «&DWKnight» screenshot
18:06:29 «&DWKnight» provide it
18:08:58 «ev1luti0n»
Note the number of active torrents....
18:10:36 «&DWKnight» just for giggles, preferences - bandwidth
18:10:48 «&DWKnight» and excuse me while I go smash my head against my desk
18:11:28 «ev1luti0n»
145 connections, at 40 per, means 3.6 torrents...
18:11:53 «&DWKnight» tl;dr: your settings are horrendous
18:12:22 «ev1luti0n» wat?
18:12:32 «&DWKnight» you're set up to attempt to open 40,000 connections with a connection limit of 145
18:13:09 «ev1luti0n» i rarely get anywhere near that many
18:13:42 «ev1luti0n» also im having an issue with the drag and drop file send vs tracker torrents
18:13:46 «&DWKnight» what? 40000 or 145?
18:14:38 «ev1luti0n» global max doesn't overrule the max number of connections per torrent?
18:14:50 «&DWKnight» it does
18:14:53 «ev1luti0n» ok
18:14:59 «&DWKnight» you'll never get more than 145 connections across your active torrents
18:15:04 «&DWKnight» so you're settings are stupid
18:15:37 «ev1luti0n» ok i will change them however, how this is relevant to my issue ceases to be known
18:16:31 «&DWKnight» it falls under the "we don't support youtube setup guide" settings category
18:16:56 «ev1luti0n» are you hearing me correctly, when i use the drag and drop file feature
18:17:19 «ev1luti0n» torrents that are from other trackers do not download until i've removed the seeding "drag and drop" torrent
18:17:50 «ev1luti0n» both the things you had me paste are irrelevant
18:18:10 «&DWKnight» except that you're ignoring your own connection limit related problems that are probably 98% of the cause
18:19:16 «ev1luti0n» ok i will run the speed test
18:19:29 «ev1luti0n» however i seem to think the issue might still be there when im done
18:21:53 «ev1luti0n» the speed test within utorrent failed but i did do this
18:21:54 «ev1luti0n»
18:22:13 «&DWKnight» oh yeah, comcast speedboost
18:22:20 » &DWKnight headdesks again
18:22:44 «ev1luti0n» ok
18:23:40 «ev1luti0n» so where are some places i can look for "suggested" values
18:25:37 «&DWKnight» we've got some in the speed problems subsection of the windows section of the forums
18:25:47 «ev1luti0n» thanks DWKnight
18:26:01 «ev1luti0n» i realize that the values i recieve from these tests are probably a result of the speedboost
18:26:29 «ev1luti0n» and that i need to figure out the correct values as "maximum seeding" isn't as consistant as around 80% of max upload bandwidth
18:28:00 «K`Tetch» ev1luti0n - I'm sorry, but I'm going to include you in my 'hall of morons' section on my website
18:28:14 «ev1luti0n» kk
18:28:39 «K`Tetch» but if you want settings -
18:29:09 «K`Tetch» those are the 'conservative' settings you'll find on the forum,
18:29:20 «ev1luti0n» yeah i was just lookin at them
18:34:40 «ev1luti0n» this is showing me values higher than the ones i have set
18:34:41 «ev1luti0n» lolol
18:34:44 «ev1luti0n» nice
18:35:16 «&DWKnight» except for the number of active torrents
18:35:19 «&DWKnight» which is stupidly high
18:36:18 «ev1luti0n» i have 346 torrents in my client
18:36:30 «ev1luti0n» i set it to 1000 so i'd never have to deal with it again
18:38:08     —›  mode » ‹DWKnight› sets ‹+b *!*›
18:38:08     —›  This ‹*!*› ban affects: ‹ev1luti0n›
18:38:08     —›  kick » ‹ev1luti0n› was kicked by ‹DWKnight› ‹(Banned) [M] you're now officially beyond help. <Q§> #9118›

There really is only so far you can help people. When they just play with settings without bothering to find out the basics, they're not going to listen.....

Seriously, too many active torrents, especially when you don't understand what active torrents are, is just going to mess things up. Also, arguing 'it's not relevant; when it is, is also a no-no. If you knew enough to tell if it was relevant, you'd already know where the issues were; that's why you've come to us.

Welcome to the Hall of Morons ev11iti0n, of Maryland, USA.

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  1. This individual tried trolling me in other channels after getting banned for his stupid settings.

    I banned him because it became quickly apparent that, not only was he insistent on using his stupid settings, but that he would refuse to listen to any advice regarding them.

    It's situations like that you wish you were arguing with a brick wall. You don't get in trouble for taking a 20lb sledge to a brick wall.