Monday, October 12, 2009

British in Need of Pity

There was a piece by the BBC the other day, where they interviewed two supporters of the BNP. I've put off commenting on this for a few days, as I didn't want to go off half-cocked, and say something I didn't mean, but there's no other way to say this.

The two BNP supporters in this article are clearly of negligible intelligence, and a clear victim of the current blame culture in the UK, where it's best to blame everyone else, and take no responsibility for yourself.

These two have no future ahead of themselves, and probably no job (else it would have been mentioned in the article). They didn't listen in school, have no qualifications, and so no job prospects. They have no future, but rather than take this responsibility on themselves, for the actions they took when younger, they blame others, mainly immigrants, for 'taking our jobs'. Why did they take their jobs? Well, mainly because they, unlike a lot of the 'British Youth' of today, are not gobby arrogant arseholes, who think that the ability to kick a ball a bit, drink, smoke and “do whar I want ya knobs” will get them far.

The cause is simple, the hand-wringing nanny brigade has stripped any vestiges of authority from the teachers in the classroom, leaving them unable to deal with these troglodyte regressives. As they get older, they immerse themselves into petty crime, and thuggery. The police may then try, but judges don't care, give short sentences, or community service (if the CPS can be bothered to prosecute at all).

So, who to blame? They can't blame those just like them, because that would mean blaming themselves. They can't blame successful people, because that doesn't make sense, even to the terminally dim like these. The only thing to do, is blame immigrants. Aside from the fact they're actually working, and that many had less education at 14 than these yobs did at 7, they still worked hard and made something of themselves, showing just how insignificant these BNP supporters are.

One thing I certainly WON'T mention, is that these two don't look very British. Not going to comment how Joey looks ethnically Teutonic, and Mark Mediterranean by Ripley's classification, so Mark is not “ethnically British.”

But how about those claims about timescale, and how long you have to be there?
You're talking like people here are on holiday. They've lived here, some of them, for a generation, some of them for longer. Doesn't that count?
Mark: Are you trying to compare somebody, or a group of people who've lived here for maybe 30 years, to people who've lived here for 40,000 years?
Lets just remind ourselves of their ages. Joey is 24, Mark is 28. That means that Mark has lived there for 28 years, and Joey has lived there for 24 years. By their own arguments, they're LESS British than someone who has lived in the UK for 30 years. I would be very interested in meeting these 40,000 year old people though. Do these people send the Queen a telegram on her Birthday? (I'm also not going to make the easy comment that old people in their neighbourhoods tend to die as victims of crime, rather than old age, so maybe they really think people can live to the ripe old age of 40,000)

They also have little clue about basic Biology.
Mark: I would be upset if there were no more giant pandas, I'd be upset if there were no more lions, if there were no more tigers, so equally I'd be upset if white people weren't here any more.
Tigers and Pandas are full species. They have a name, as a species; Panthera tigris for Tigers, and Ailuropoda melanoleuca for Pandas. Like Pandas, Black bears, and Polar bears are also members of the Ursine family. One is black, the other white. They are, however, different species, from each other as well as the Panda (Ursus americanus for the black bear, and Ursus maritimus for the polar bear). Unlike bears though, there are no differences between black humans, and white humans. Homo sapiens covers all. The difference between 'black' and 'white' is a genetic variation on the production of Melanin. An absence of melanin is termed 'albinoism', and happens to both 'black' and 'white' people. Tanning is also a way to affect the levels of Melanin in the skin, to alter skin colour. Speaking classification wise, the difference between the black bear, and the polar bear (or the panda) is the same as the difference between Humans and the Bornean Orangutan. We're much closer to Chimpanzees or Gorillas than that. Comparing different species, to genetic variation in a single species is only to be expected in this poorly educated group.

Perhaps the biggest Irony, though, is their last sentence.

Mark: If I went to live and work in another country, then I would still adhere by their culture and they should adhere by ours.
Except Mark doesn't want to live by 'ours' as in the UK, he wants the people of the UK to conform to his new 'culture', that of the poorly educated layabout. The culture he imagines, has been a fantasy since the Norman invasion almost a thousand years ago, at the very least. Still, as normal, he won't let a little thing like facts get in the way, which is basically 'Politics as Usual'.

It is the situation every time the ignorant, fearful and mentally deficient realize they've screwed themselves out of a future through their own poor choices and laziness – hurl abuse and look for someone else to blame. Just like all cowards, they are afraid to take responsibility for their own mess, and their own problems. The people they consider 'inferior' can, why can't they? Meanwhile, Mark, Joey, and all the other poor confused wretches can wait around until they die out (or more unlikely, take responsibility for their lives), hating to the end.

Me, I don't hate them, I pity them. Maybe thats how we should think of them...

British in
Need of

**update** about 20mins after this was published, I found this piece, which talks of the BBC getting a rap over the interview. It also says that the two, Mark and Joey, are pretty high up in the BNP. Nuff said really.

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