Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Muon1 Lattices

And now, 2 new lattices for the Muon1 Distributed Computing project. As noted over at the Muon1 Blog, the new lattices replaces two that have plateaued over the last week, giving tweaks to hopefully bring things along andbreak out of any local maximums.

The lattice are Linac900Ext6Xc2 has now been replaced with Linac900Ext6X, which halves the RF cycle over the old one, and is only for v4.45.

Linac900Ext10td2 has been replaced by Linac900Ext10tc2 where the phase has been changed by 180degrees. This lattice also works on the older 4.44x clients. Although why you'd still be running it I don't know.

There are some advantages to getting in early though. Even those with slightly slower systems (like me) can get at the top every now and then....

It's probably the only time I'll be top of the scores...

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