Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dabbling With Android

In an attempt (Brave, foolhardy or otherwise) to better myself, I'm attempting to learn how to code for the Android platform.

This will be quite a challenge for me, as aside from some c++ coding when I did my degree, in the late 90s, I've not done anything like this since my Dragon32.

So far, I've dabbled with App-Inventor, which was amusing but not very very powerful. Yet it's given me some ideas, and thoughts as to how easy things could be.

So, today, I've downloaded the Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, and the Java JDK, and installed them. Right now I'm updating with all the add-in modules (which is quite a serious chunk of data). I'm starting by using the book 'Android Apps for Absolute Beginners' (link at the bottom)

This will be, as I've said, the first time in more htan a decade I've done any coding - certainly anything in Java - and anything I did know, I've forgotten, so this is a 'completely from bare basics' attempt.

Who knows how much I can get done in the next few weeks.

I'll keep you posted....

UPDATE: Those wondering when I'll dabble with iOS (iphone/iPod/iPAD) the answer is probably NEVER. I just don't see myself spending $99/year for access to the SDK, AND I don't have a mac to develop it on.

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