Monday, June 21, 2010

US Box Office Estimates June 18-20 2010

Another weekend, another new film at number 1. As expected, Toy Story has shot to the top, marking yet another weekend headed by a 3d film. It's also one of the strongest weekends for any film (yet again dispelling the myth about 'cams killing the industry', since one was released Saturday lunchtime) this year. It also means that in three days, Toy Story grossed more than last weeks top film (this weeks runner-up) Karate Kid has managed in ten. Even more impressive when the lack of weekend pressure on kids films (as US schools are out for summer, so attendances during the week are up) are taken into consideration.

The other, more adult-oriented, films are still standing up decently, but Shrek drops past Greek, as a month in, it's eclipsed by Toy Story. Action films Persia and Iron Man kep their positions for another week, while newcomer Jonah Hex appears fairly low. The short (80 minute) western-based film adapted from a less well known comic is unlikely to stick in peoples minds, despite the presence of 'hot lady de jour' Megan Fox. Horror film Killers and comic-based Marmaduke round off the top 10, both having fallen three places.

Originality level drops from last week's 2/10, to 1/10. In order, it's Sequel, Remake, [TV] Adaptation, Spinoff, Sequel, [Video-game] Adaptation, [Comic book] Adaptation, ORIGINAL!, Sequel, and [Comic strip] Adaptation. Next week sees two all-original movies on nationwide releases, so we could be looking up on that score.
Rank (last week) Film Weekend Gross (Millions) Theaters Total Gross to Date (Millions) Weeks on release
1 (N) Toy Story 33D $110.3 4,028 $110.3 1
2 (1) The Karate Kid (2010) $29.8 3,663 $107.1 2
3 (2) The A-Team $14.4 3,544 $50.4 2
4 (4) Get Him to the Greek $6.1 2,592 $47.8 3
5 (3) Shrek Forever After3D $5.6 3,207 $223.0 5
6 (6) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $5.5 2,605 $80.8 4
7 (N) Jonah Hex $5.3 2,825 $5.3 1
8 (5) Killers $5.0 2,619 $39.3 3
9 (9) Iron Man 2 $2.8 1,612 $304.2 7
10 (7) Marmaduke $2.4 2,495 $27.7 3
It’s important to remember, these figures for the weekend are released lunch-time Sunday, so estimate Sunday’s figures, there may be some discrepancies. Figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo. Click here for the full weekend figures.

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