Sunday, March 14, 2010

US Box Office Estimates March 12-14 2010

The Weekend box office has been strong again for Alice, leaving it at the top of the box office charts for a second week. Avatar has now dropped out of the top 5, after 12 weeks, plummeting to number 7 (after another new release, 'Our Family Wedding'). Indeed, Alice is only $6Million behind where Avatar was after the same period, so another record breaking box office smash isn't to be ruled out. Meanwhile, three new entries make the top5, with respectable showings.

Rank Film Weekend Gross (Millions) Theaters Total Gross to Date (Millions) Weeks on release
1 Alice in Wonderland $62.0 3,728 $208.6 2
2 Green Zone $14.5 3,003 $14.5 1
3 She's Out of My League $9.6 2,956 $9.6 1
4 Remember Me $8.3 2,212 $8.3 1
5 Shutter Island $8.1 3,356 $108.0 4
It’s important to remember, these figures for the weekend are released lunch-time Sunday, so estimate Sunday’s figures, there may be some discrepancies. Figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo. Click here for the full weekend figures.

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