Monday, March 29, 2010

ARGH!!! Andrew the Moron

There are days when you just want to curl up into a ball. Today is one of them. I realised, when going to check back over things, that rather than the document I believed I had submitted as part of the PRO IP act consultation, I had actually submitted a copy of my comments to the US trade representative. I made the same mistake on my short piece about the submission.

When I copied across from my writing computer, to the one I use for email (and for this) I put the wrong file on it. It was a silly mistake, made because I was hurrying. The document was supposed to be this one [PDF]

I've sent an email to the consultation address, and while I don't think they will accept it, I can but hope. At worst, they can say no, at best, I hope they can understand and 'switch' the documents. It's rather embarrassing overall, and I feel foolish in the extreme. However, honesty compels me to admit my ineptitude, and give myself an idiocracy tag.

In short, I'm a Moron.

An Us Copy Submission 240310

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