Monday, July 30, 2012

Consultation response for OFCOM July 2012

Earlier this month saw a follow-up consultation by OFCOM (The Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) with the snappy title of “Online Infringement of Copyright and the Digital Economy Act 2010 - Notice of Ofcom’s proposal to make by order a code for regulating the initial obligations

It was a short-period one, mainly seeking notes and comments on the plans so-far, as outlined in the long document, but I felt the need to add more. Actually, I was half-expecting to have parts of it excluded or ignored, as I experienced with last week’s Consultation with the UK Intellectual Property Office. Instead, the only email I got was a very nice, polite email from Sam Carter of their internet Policy department, because I’d forgotten to check the confidentiality section of the cover sheet.

Also, while most have a midnight deadline (in reality 7am the next morning, when people have got to work) this one was a 5pm deadline, which, since I’m writing this from the Eastern Time Zone of the US, means a midday deadline. So, I was a bit rushed, which led to the misread cover sheet.

I focused mainly on evidence-gathering techniques and certification, but also noted that mobile network problems were overstated, but it gave them a break on cost grounds, that fixed-line’s don’t have.

I also noted general provisions, that France and NZ are both running effectiveness reviews of their graduated response laws, and finding the results less than expected (such as NZ ISP’s saying it has cost them $200+ per notice, and they’re getting just $25 to cover it. While the industry behind the law wants that dropped down to $2.
Dea Consultation July2012

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