Monday, July 9, 2012

Brazil Media Jumps Gun on Megaupload Return

When covering a news story, sometimes people can let their optimism get ahead of themselves. Such is the case in the Brazilian media this week, as they championed the return of MegaUpload based on nothing more than a tweet.

While things look to be getting ever-better for Kim Dotcom, they are by no means sorted. The extradition hearing is still to take place, and there’s been no decision yet on access to the data in the Virginia center. Thus it’s odd for Brazilian media to start making declarations that the site would soon be back. Their reason? This tweet from Dotcom, celebrating the defeat of ACTA on Wednesday.

OlharDigital said “So get ready: the site will return to air shortly, much bigger, better and faster. Who gave the message was the founder, Kim Dotcom.” While Tecmundo was more circumspect, saying “However, despite not actually know when this will happen, some rumours gained strength in the network, stating that the return would happen in the next 9 days.”

The truth is that until the various court cases are sorted out, MegaUpload won’t be back any time soon, certainly not by July 13th. Once the various legal wranglings - both in the US and NZ - are sorted, then yes, it may be back, but until then, the tweet is no more than Kim Dotcom’s typical exuberance.

Hat-tip to Unforgivi via the TorrentFreak IRC Channel.

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