Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Photography on the Cheap

Photography can be a rewarding hobby . Yet not everyone can afford an expensive camera to take their pictures. Good photography, however, doesn't always need the best camera though, as even cheap digital cameras can give good results, if handled properly. So, here are some examples of pictures taken using cheap cameras, or even cameraphones.

For many people, better equipment means better results, and so people spend hundreds on cameras, and lenses and bags. While that can help, without a good 'eye' to decide on the shot, no amount of money can buy a camera good enough. I was encouraged to write this, and show these pictures, after seeing a recent (when I first wrote this) competition on Wired, a photography competition where the only restriction was it had to be taken on a smartphone.

There are 4 cameras represented here. Two models of cellphone (both by LG, a Cosmos [1.3MPix] and an EnV2 [2MPix]), a cheap DXG video camera in stills mode (DXG-567V [5MPix]), and a 'traditional' digital camera (Olympus C-5050 Zoom [5MPix]). The camera can be identified from the filename. Files starting with 'P' are from the Olympus. If it starts "File" it's from the DXG, and if it's just numbers then it's from the cellphones

Any questions about any of the photos, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

**NOTE** These photos have not been edited, or manipulated in any way. The files have come off the memory cards of the cameras, and posted straight to Flickr. No HDR, no photoshop, no nothing.

Clicking the links will take you to the photos on Flickr.

P1010026 P1010024 P1010023 P1010028 0213001132 0213001133 0213001129 0213001130 0328001943 0626002035a 0626002035 0626002030 0713001913 0904002035a FILE0024 0905001838 0905001842 0807002100 0713002055 0713002047b 0713002047a 0713002044 0713002043a 0713002043 0713001912 0713001910 FILE0051 FILE0050 FILE0049 0704001801 0704001800 0704001529 0704001527 0626002036 0626002034 0626002032 0617001033 0816091836 0503002026a 0503002026 FILE0118 FILE0097 FILE0090 FILE0089 FILE0088 FILE0082 FILE0081 FILE0080 FILE0075 0213001131b 0213001131a 0213001131 0213001128 0212001829 FILE0063 FILE0060

All pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike License. For more information, see the license page.

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