Monday, July 26, 2010

Yet another utorrent using idiot

Idiots are nothing new, they're probably one of the most common things out there; that doesn't mean you have to settle for their idiocy though. I like to name and shame idiots when I see them, to try and instill in others that you should start using your danged brain.

Common Sense
As with the past two, this one is a support question in the ĀµTorrent IRC channel, and took place Wednesday July 21st. It makes for great reading. It's all verbatim, the only lines removed were those of people joining or parting.
[11:38.31] * SOfgh ([email protected]) has joined #utorrent
[11:38.46] <sofgh> swtab ?
[11:43.50] <sofgh> utorrent is trash
[11:44.02] <sofgh> worst download mgr
[11:44.08] <sofgh> and it never uploads
[11:44.20] <sofgh> max upload is 0.5kBps
[11:44.42] <sofgh> and avg dwnload speed is half of max speed
[11:45.50] <k`tetch> utorrent isn't a download manager
[11:46.10] <k`tetch> it's a bittorrent client, and it sounds like you've got fucked up settings
[11:46.20] <k`tetch> or a dead torrent
[11:46.40] <k`tetch> a staggering lack of intelligence nevertheless
[11:46.54] <sofgh> not one torrent
[11:46.55] <sofgh> all
[11:47.09] <sofgh> 2000 peers, 400 peers 10 peers
[11:47.10] <sofgh> all same
[11:47.45] <sofgh> and when download completes and i want to seed it does nothign
[11:48.12] <sofgh> i set 10000 upload slots at unlimited kbps  notnhing happens
[11:48.22] <sofgh> and download to 1kBps
[11:48.51] <sofgh> wait minutes after that but no seeding is done
[11:49.07] <sofgh> then i have to stop it and continue
[11:52.29] <k`tetch> as I said, fucked up settings
[11:53.10] <k`tetch> good for a 20Gb/sec line, maybe
[11:53.14] <k`tetch> shit for anything less
[11:53.27] <xrdvx> uTorrent works fine here.
[11:53.55] <k`tetch> it works fine for anyone, xRDVx, that has half a dozen braincells operating to read the setup instructions
[11:54.07] <xrdvx> lol
[11:54.11] <k`tetch> unfortunately, that puts SOfgh out of the running
[11:54.22] <xrdvx> I don't think I ever read the set up instructions..
[11:54.33] <xrdvx> But yes. I guess it's true
[11:56.19] <sofgh> utorrent is trash
[11:56.29] <xrdvx> sigh..
[11:56.39] <sofgh> takes double time o download anyti\hing
[11:56.50] <sofgh> average speed is always half of ISP speed
[11:57.01] <sofgh> better use rapidshare fileshare
[11:57.06] <xrdvx> <k`tetch> as I said, fucked up setings
[11:57.20] <k`tetch> SOfgh - you make my cavalcade of "utterly fucking retarded users"
[11:57.44] <sofgh> maybe utorrent is trash n works only in usa
[11:57.55] <xrdvx> I'm in portugal
[11:58.04] <saribro> I'm nowhere near the usa
[11:58.11] <sid3bar> always blame the isp, never utorrent. lol
[11:58.17] <xrdvx> lol
[11:58.51] <sofgh> wat r u pasting in other channels
[11:59.11] <sofgh> i said i set upload to max when it doesnt auto upload after download at normal settings
[11:59.16] <sofgh> so i increase settings later
[12:00.21] <K`Tetch> - read that
[12:00.39] * %_5618_ would say something about Indian ISPs but doesn't

He was quiet after that, and was helped out 20 minutes later

[12:21.32] * SOfgh ([email protected]) Quit (Z:lined (failure to listen))

You can't tell it from his obscured IP, but he was using an Indian ISP, they're often not friendly to bittorrent use, but for completely ignoring the basic documentation, he's awarded entry into the prestigious 'Hall of Morons'

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