Friday, July 16, 2010

20 Quadrillion Muons - Muon1 hits milestone

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One of the projects I've supported for a long time, the Muon1 DPAD, has hit 20 Quadrillion particle-timesteps (pts). Thats a 2, with 16 zeros (20,000,000,000,000,000), or two million-billion. A particle timestep is simulating a particle for 0.01 nanoseconds (0.00000000001 second). I've been invovled with the project since around 2003, and as of writing this, I'm 362 overall, having done 5,867,002,100,000 pts, or 0.0293% of the total work.

At around 8AM GMT hit the big two-oh (oh oh oh...) - here's the data from each hours stats run - I guess it didn't want to run at 7am, because it was just too close.
2010-Jul-16 05:08:22    64721289    19998740268
2010-Jul-16 06:05:39    64721422    19999201230
2010-Jul-16 08:07:58    64721895    20000747065
2010-Jul-16 09:07:29    64722245    20001457484

The project head, Stephen Brooks, is a good friend, and we talk often and I'm extremely happy that the project has managed to reach this point, despite the lack of resources and manpower. I'll leave the science bits for another day, but it's a project to design sections for the Neutrino Factory, part of a British attempt to understand Neutrinos. The client is light and simple, windows only alas, but can be run from a network drive or flash drive without incident, soaking up unused processor cycles in the background. I actually keep a copy on an SD card, and sometimes run it from computer's when I'm out working. There is also the option to run it using the BOINC wrapper, so it might be able to use it on linux - I don't know.

I helped Stephen come up with a press release, and you can get it here (or here, on stephens site) - pass it on to people, get the news out there, and join in with the project. Support it on facebook too.

Those of you interested in the science can see some of his papers here, and some basic technical info here

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An overview of the Neutreno Factory, with Muon1's tasks marked
Overview of the Neutrino Factory project, and Muon1's part in it (click to enlarge)

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