Friday, February 8, 2013

TPB AFK is Now Out

The film about the Pirate Bay, TPB_AFK is now out.

The film is premiering at the Berlin international film festival right now, but you can watch it just as if you were there, thanks to the power of the internet.

The film, a 82 minute look at the Pirate Bay, has been a bit contentious. One of the 4 ‘stars’ of the documentary, Peter Sunde (aka ‘Brokep’) has been a bit critical over some of the editing decisions casting a different light on things.

However, we’ll probably find it an intriguing look at the behind-the-scenes lives of the site known mainly for its influence in world laws. It’ll be interesting to reconcile how the film portrays those people I’ve known for many years (I’ve known and worked with Anakata, Brokep, and Tiamo a number of times over the past 6-7 years) with how I’ve come to know them.

The film is available via torrent, from (obviously) the Pirate Bay in 3 flavours 480p (torrent magnet) , 720p (torrent magnet), and 1080p (torrent magnet). It’s also watchable on YouTube, which I’ve embedded below.

I’m not saying it’s popular either, but in the 25 minutes since its release, the torrents have skyrocketed in popularity, and over $20,000 has been pledged. This is, let me remind you, a film that can be seen for free, without any delays or reduction in quality.

It proves once again how you compete with free – you compete with quality.

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  1. It looks good! I won't be able to watch until tonight, but I'm looking forward to it.