Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IPO Rejects Censorship Transparency Request

Colour me UNsurprised. The final decision of the Freedom of Information Request filed after the long, ongoing saga of censorship finally responded. The response of the internal review was to, surprise surprise, keep the sordid details to themselves, and in doing so, they’ve produced what might be one of the most inadvertently funny lines I’ve ever seen in a FOI case.

Pretty much as predicted a month ago, the ‘Internal Review’ at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has rejected any kind of release of information. The response, from the head of IT (seriously? We’re not talking a database migration here) upheld the original decision to only partly answer one of the four groups of information asked for.

The denial is pretty amusing, even if the justifications strain incredulity, for this one sentence alone:
“I have decided that the names of junior officials which include Hamza Elahi and Nadia Vally will continue to be redacted from the information released.”
Except for it not being... and you just naming them again...

We know their names, you ALREADY RELEASED THEM. Some of the names they released include:
Antoinette Graves; Ben Hawes; Daphne Hyman; Jennifer Jones; Nicholas Munn; Matthew Cope; Nadia Vally; Robin Stout; Steve Rowan; Christos Tsikolis; Antonio De Gregorio; Gillian Langman; Taffy Yiu; Laurence Pawley; Andrew J. Smith; Sarah Hughes; Katherine Evans; Oneydes Staggemeier

As a result, I’m filing a complaint with the Information Commissioner, especially as the whole process has taken 4 months, double what it should take. Perhaps they’d also be interested to know that while claiming Section40(2) they had violated it as well.

As always, I’ll keep you informed.

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