Friday, August 10, 2012

A Comment to the US IP Czar on Enforcement

It seems like it's raining consultations right now. It's a third one, this time through the office of the US Intellectual Property Czar on enforcement options. Submission deadline was today, so I just got it there in time.

The request seems to think, again, that if only there was more enforcement, there would be fewer copyright problems. This isn't true. The problem is that enforcement actions are now significantly hindering progress and acting contrary to the intention of copyright, which has been perverted beyond its intent.

I attempted to point this out, but I think soon after I sent it in, I saw a perfect summation in the Pirate Bay IRC channel.
 18:56:54 «S711» It sucks being a candlestick maker in an electric light world. Unless you can control government to pass laws that attack electric lights and protect candlesticks. That sums up the fight around freedom of speech on the Internet.
Wise words.

Now, without further ado, the submission.

Whitehouse Submission Norton p2p 8-10-12

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