Friday, May 11, 2012

[HoM] Rant Factor 9, Scotty

A quick one, but perhaps the funnier for it. What do you do when you don't bother to check basic facts, or guidelines? Well, if you're like one person, you go on a rant.

This is taken from the µTorrent support channel, #utorrent on the P2P-IRC network, on May 11th 2012

19:39:32     —›  join  » ‹indy3› ‹[email protected]
19:39:46 «indy3» Why can't I select individual files anymore?
19:39:57 «indy3» I don't want the whole damn torrent?
19:40:33 «indy3» Magnet links make me download everything
19:43:13 «indy3» Curse the person whoever designed the UI for maginet linlks regarding individual files as they are fucking retarded
19:43:47 «indy3» To hades!
19:46:15 «indy3» The Files tab is fucking ridiculous this is the worst UI ever
19:46:30 «indy3» take your meta data and shove it up your ass
19:47:25 «indy3» This makes utorrent pathetic
19:47:36 «indy3» Fork your fuckers
19:49:49 «indy3» Please excuse me while I wait one fucking hour for 1 song to download utorrent can suck my balls
19:50:06 «indy3» I cant wait till someone fucking replaces you scumbags
19:56:41 «indy3» Excuse me utorrent isn't even open source fucking gay
19:57:15 «indy3» So we cant even fork this peice of shit
19:59:52 «indy3» For the past 3 months I've been asking myself how the fuck do I select individual files
20:03:12     —›   quit  » ‹indy3› ‹[email protected]› ‹Quit: Leaving›

No-one else could get a word in...

Let's just recap his points.
  • Magnet files and selective downloading.
It's always been that way. You'll notice in this video from 2009 that utorrent also doesn't allow you to select files right at the start. It's the way it's ALWAYS been.

  • Files tab
It's been the same way for at least 5 years. Sortable by path-name, completion, size etc. But still the same. It's not magically new, and everyone else manages just fine.

  • An hour to download a song
I've an idea what's causing that, Bad Settings. It's very common when you have people that think they know it all.

  • Open Source
It's never been open source, and probably never will be. It was a point one anti-P2P person made to the guy behind µTorrent 6 years ago saying "[16:38.01] <@fa> staying in till the source is public"

Basically, he's complaining about things that have been unchanged in 5-6 years, and are standard with µTorrent, and acting like it's all new. For all this, indy3 (whoever you are) is admitted into our Hall Of Morons!

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