Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Apr1] New Job, Politics&P2P on Hold

As many will know, I’ve been really quiet here recently. There has been a reason for that. For the last month, I’ve been in negotiations for a new job. These were concluded yesterday, and now I am able to announce that starting tomorrow, I’m going to be the assistant technical manager for the US Copyright Group.

I’ve always had a hankering for a challenge, and after several years defending the pirates, for little pay (an issue the Swedish Pirate Party has also raised) I realised I needed to start earning some real money. I’ve actually been receiving job offers from lawyers and lobby groups specialising in bittorrent and p2p litigation for 2-3 years now (including the EFF), and thanks to the slow economy, and the lack of gratitude from those I’ve been working so hard to help, I decided in January to investigate those offers fully. Dunlap Grubb &Weaver made the best offer, and so I am now gainfully employed again.

My first job will be in dealing with all those people who've been alleged to have downloaded porn, will be targeted by me. Any hope they have of getting a fair day in court is over, as I'll make sure the evidence is strong enough to convince a jury, regardless of if they actually did it. BEcause Hey, I gotta make a living, and protecting you freetards isn't getting the rent paid.

Politics & P2P won’t be going away, but won’t be updated as often, nor will it have quite the same focus as it once did, but unfortunately despite getting the viewers, it wasn’t paying for itself. And that was a shame, because I enjoyed doing it.

This was an April Fools, and is not true. Thank you and carry on.