Monday, January 23, 2012

Republican Caves to Homophone Pressure

You would think that a job based on public perceptions, and paying a fortune ($174,000/year) of taxpayer money would take the time to do their job properly, or at least employ someone who can pass middle-school English class.
It seems not.
A tweet from Freshman Republican Austin Scott [R-GA8] has cause to question the competency sometimes of those we put in office.

It's lovely and clear, isn't it?

Ok, let's go to what the facebook post it comes from says.

Looks like some unhappy people commenting there.

Well, shortly after I went to post a comment and got an error.
The post had been deleted and another put in it's place.
Saying the same thing, except he corrected one of the misspellings (Republicans don't like homosexuality, but they dare not mess with homophones)

Here's the corrected version on Facebook.

Yes, that's me at the bottom, pointing out that his claim of 28 jobs bills is an erroneous claim isn't erm, well true. It's a lie in fact. (for those wondering THIS is the link he promoted, and THIS is the one I responded to.

And of course, while he deleted it from facebook, he didn't delete it from Twitter....

(those tweets are TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM respectively, get em before they're gone!

Frankly, the partisan rhetoric is getting tiresome. Is it so hard to have a Congressman who can understand that his job is to represent his constituents in Washington? Why do we always end up with members of Congress who feel it's their duty to represent their party to their constituents. If there's a problem in the US, that's what's causing it. And the sooner we solve that, the better.

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