Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[HoM] First Two-Time Moron!

There is just something stupid about people sometimes. They act without thinking, they don't check facts, and they believe they're always right, despite evidence to the contrary. It's bad enough when this happens once, but for it to happen twice is incredibly bad. Yet it HAS happened, as a previous Hall of Morons entrant decided to try and confront the person he believed blackened his name.

Unfortunately for him, he failed badly, AGAIN.

This was taken from  the #utorrent irc channel on Monday December 5th 2011.

01:45:49 «ev1luti0n» DWKnight thanks for the blog post about me
01:45:55 «ev1luti0n» :3
01:46:05 «ev1luti0n» it just goes to show how you don't actually help anyone
01:46:18 «ev1luti0n» and instead pick and think you're a tough guy
01:46:35 «K`Tetch» where?
01:46:51 «ev1luti0n» http://ktetch.blogspot.com/2011/08/another-week-another-idiot-with.html he posts on his blog
01:46:56 «ev1luti0n» about people he doesn't know how ot help
01:47:27 «ev1luti0n» also dismissing my location details
01:47:28 «ev1luti0n» big no no
01:47:30 «ev1luti0n» reporting the blog
01:48:01 «K`Tetch» er, thats my blog
01:48:36 «K`Tetch» might notice the ktetch on the front
01:49:38 «K`Tetch» looks like you might be the first person to get TWO entries
01:50:20 «ev1luti0n» if you don't remove my location details i will report the post
01:50:55 «ev1luti0n» also as you notice, he never addressed my issue.
01:51:01 «ev1luti0n» which he nor anyone has a solid answer to.
01:51:03 «K`Tetch» try it and see how far you (don't) get
01:51:08 «ev1luti0n» this is typical.
01:51:12 «K`Tetch» there was an answer - your settings
01:51:18 «K`Tetch» well, that and you're an idiot
01:51:18 «ev1luti0n» lolol
01:51:23 «ev1luti0n» active torrents?
01:51:25 «ev1luti0n» and file send feature?
01:51:29 «ev1luti0n» if those are integrated
01:51:34 «ev1luti0n» coding is fail
01:51:48 «K`Tetch» you can't jump to step3 of what's wrong, when you can't address step 1, so we can see what else is wrong
01:53:19 «K`Tetch» It's called common sense, when your ignorance has created a situation where further potential problems are obscured by this one, we couldn't work on further diagnoses until that was fixed.
01:53:25 «K`Tetch» it's really simple
01:53:41 «ev1luti0n» still avoids the answer
01:53:47 «ev1luti0n» further trolls/acts like a know it all
01:54:10 «ev1luti0n» i think DWKnight was having a bad day
01:54:26 «K`Tetch» the first issue was your settings, we couldn't do anything more until you fixed that, but you insisted you knew better. you don't
01:54:36 «ev1luti0n» so there is a limit?
01:54:45 «ev1luti0n» and what do you suggest?
01:55:12 «ev1luti0n» my network reacts finely to having that many active torrents
01:55:24 «ev1luti0n» and if you go to any private torrent sites irc channel and ask around
01:55:32 «ev1luti0n» plenty have hundreds of torrents active
01:55:39 «ev1luti0n» so maybe you could think a little deeper
01:56:24 «K`Tetch» right, and the competency of private tracker admins is well known to be absymally low
01:56:44 «K`Tetch» but you don't want to listen, so there's nothing more to say
01:57:07 «K`Tetch» you can TRY complaining about 'your location' being given, but I promise you, it will fail
01:58:12 «ev1luti0n» well i think it's pretty pathetic that the ops around here poke fun at users who are having problems
01:58:22 «ev1luti0n» that's incompetency
01:58:37 «K`Tetch» it is, incompetency, YOUR incompetency
01:58:38 «ev1luti0n» if he would've said hey i think your settings are inhibiting the feature so cool out
01:58:57 «ev1luti0n» pathetic.
01:59:04 «ev1luti0n» general internet tough guy antics
01:59:28 «K`Tetch» ghguy antics "01:50:20 «ev1luti0n» if you don't remove my location details i will report the post"yes, general internet touc
01:59:40 «ev1luti0n» no, that is my basic right
01:59:46 «K`Tetch» yes, general internet tough guy antics "01:50:20 «ev1luti0n» if you don't remove my location details i will report the post"
01:59:46 «ev1luti0n» i requested that you remove it
01:59:50 «ev1luti0n» it's simple really
01:59:52 «K`Tetch» what basic right?
02:00:07 «ev1luti0n» to request that you remove it or i report the post
02:00:08 «ev1luti0n» that simple
02:00:13 «ev1luti0n» hard to understand K`Tetch?
02:00:13 «K`Tetch» what right?
02:00:22 «K`Tetch» hard to understand what mystical right you're claiming
02:00:23 «ev1luti0n» well you can't stop me now can you?
02:00:31 «ev1luti0n» thus it is a right of mine
02:00:35 «ev1luti0n» so keep trying
02:00:57 «K`Tetch» I think you're confusing 'right' with 'ability'
02:01:41 «ev1luti0n» you are citing this stupid argument
02:01:43 «ev1luti0n» i'll have you know that
02:01:56 «ev1luti0n» maybe you should stop defending a jerk like DWKnight
02:02:14 «ev1luti0n» i reported the post, i doubt anything will happen but i hope it does
02:02:35 «ev1luti0n» i really don't appreciate this.
02:02:39 «K`Tetch» shame I posted another hall of morons entry about an hour ago
02:02:44 «K`Tetch» this one will ahve to go up Tuesday
02:02:50 «K`Tetch» shame,
02:02:54 «K`Tetch» try not being a moron then
02:02:56 «ev1luti0n» well im sure all your friends will love it
02:03:01 «ev1luti0n» have fun
02:03:06 «K`Tetch» actually, it's been very popular
02:03:32 «ev1luti0n» >_> right
02:03:45 «ev1luti0n» about as popular as the inside of my shoe it seems
02:04:04 «ev1luti0n» wanna pull up your google analytics maybe screen shot it to include in the post?
02:04:14 «ev1luti0n» haha!
02:08:11 «ev1luti0n» im also having delusion report your post about him as well
02:08:29 «ev1luti0n» i wonder how many of my friends i'll notice in your witchhunt against private trackers
02:08:38 «ev1luti0n» us pirate party, sure
02:23:16 «K`Tetch» Anyway Lawrence, isn't it past your bed time?
02:25:43 «K`Tetch» (it is 2:24 in Frederick after all)
02:25:59 » Crust gets popcorn
02:26:51 «K`Tetch» For location, I just used your obscured hostmask, which every IRC user has here
02:27:08 «K`Tetch» whick shows you're a Maryland comcast user.
02:27:23 «K`Tetch» It's not like I said you were 24, after all
02:27:35 «K`Tetch» (which I find hard to believe)
02:27:48 «Crust» you forgot the part about him living in his moms basemsnt
02:28:16 «ev1luti0n» lol
02:28:19 «ev1luti0n» internet tough guy!
02:29:35 «Crust» is that a new tard phraise
02:29:51 «Crust» I havnt heard that one before
02:30:05 «ev1luti0n» no it's been around for as long as internet tough guys have.
02:30:14 «K`Tetch» I think Dunsmore here was upset he's been outed as a Dunce [some] More!
02:30:22 «ev1luti0n» heard it
02:30:32 «K`Tetch» I'll bet you have
02:30:34 «K`Tetch» frequently
02:31:14 «Crust» isnt whining about free software a bit lame?
02:31:23 «ev1luti0n» ?
02:31:42 «Crust» I mean it looks like you didnt take any advice
02:31:44 «ev1luti0n» LAME is an mp3 encoder
02:31:56 «Crust» just sayin
02:32:08 «Crust» maybe you shouldnt whine so much
02:32:17 «ev1luti0n» im having a good time
02:32:20 «ev1luti0n» :3
02:32:27 «Crust» but thats typical for dumbases
02:32:31 «K`Tetch» Crust - I think it's even funnier he came to blame DWKnight about it, when ti have my nick at the start of the damned URL!
02:32:57 «K`Tetch» oh, and at the end of the piece, as the authour
02:32:57 «ev1luti0n» ooooo
02:33:05 «K`Tetch» OH, and lots of references to me IN the piece
02:33:10 «ev1luti0n» i was blinded by rage
02:33:13 «ev1luti0n» ^_^
02:33:21 «K`Tetch» s/rage/ignorance
02:33:25 «K`Tetch» there, fixed that for you
02:33:36 «MasterChief» ur both assholes lol
02:33:47 «K`Tetch» hush Mc, you know you love it
02:34:41 «ev1luti0n» so can you teach me how to take someones host mask and find their personal info k'tetch
02:34:44 «ev1luti0n» i am a good listener! :3
02:35:03 «Crust» http://i.imgur.com/fSx0O.jpg
02:35:13 «ev1luti0n» tldr
02:35:13 «Crust» ^ fill that out and get back to K`Tetch
02:35:17 «ev1luti0n» tldr
02:36:04 «MasterChief» what asshole come in here asing for help, and when then tell him the problem he says no thats wrong
02:36:13 «K`Tetch» and we've found his problem, etldr

From there it decended into general sillyness, with a number of people ripping into ev1luti0n.

But the salient points,
  1. He thought DWKnight posted it. Despite the ktetch in the URL, it saying K`Tetch at the end of the post, and the references that say DWKnight passing me the rest of the log because I don't have it, he STILL thought it was DWKnight that wrote it.
  2. He believed that just knowing he was in Virginia was a horrible crime which would get this site pulled down. Perhaps he was thinking of Internet Privacy Act?
  3. Complaining that your private info is being given out goes a bit hollow when a quick google of the nick ev1luti0n gives half a dozen sites where his town, full name and age are listed, including last.fm, steam, and icheckmovies.com. As I tell my kids, if you don't want your personal information available to anyone, don't put it up there in the first place (or double-check the privacy settings REALLY well)
As a side note, I'm still waiting for the form Crust mentioned to be sent to me.

And if you're going to whine, at least get your facts straight first. For failing to do that, ev1luti0n, aka Mr Dunsmore of Maryland, you are the first DOUBLE-DUNCE and get inducted into the Hall of Morons as a Flaming Moron.

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