Monday, February 14, 2011

USTR 301 deadline looming

Some of you may have forgotten, but the deadline for the upcoming US Trade Representative Special 301 report is coming soon. The report, required under the 1974 Trade Act, reports on trade barriers to US business due to Copyright, Patent, and Trademark (C/P/T). In addition, a submission on ACTA will also close at the same time.

For those still interested, there is still about 24 hours to submit your own comments (and you don't have to be US citizens to do so). Details on submissions are here

There is also an ACTA submission, with details here. For an example of a submission, here's my submission on this topic from last year.

Submissions are important, as without it, they only get part of the story, and so we get legislation made on bad information. When I finish my submission, it will be posted here, as always.

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