Saturday, January 1, 2011

SuprNova Relaunches

One of the big names in early torrenting was What the Pirate Bay is now, Suprnova was then, and it's enforced closure was the catalyst for the popularity of Miniova, TPB, isoHunt, and a whole host of others. So now, in this recently released promo-video, suprnova, once more under the control of Sloncek, is relaunching as a video portal.

 At the time it was shut down in December 2004, it was the biggest torrent site out there. was the first 'super site' for torrents, an open indexer that took any torrent people wanted to submit, and distributed to anyone that wanted it, while distinguishing submitters that had a good track record.. Previously, most sites were small, or only carried their own content, or were hard to navigate (or all three). Suprnova had a clean look, that was easy to use, and most importantly, had what people were looking for.

After it was raided by Slovenian police in November 2004, the domain languished a bit, before being donated to the Pirate Bay crew in 2007. It was never a success in it's new role though, and they gave the domain back to Sloncek earlier this year. It's now going to be relaunched as a video platform.

If you think it's a bit of a jump from it's past endeavors, you'd be right, and you'd be wrong. While it's not a torrent site any more, it still has a strong torrent link, through, a show Sloncek (or as he's otherwise known, Andrej Preston) has made for the last two years. I've been fortunate to get to know him over that time-frame, as he's worked on and I have no doubt that he has found his calling.

In addition to, there will be three other shows as a starting basis, which are
  • 1000 Things I Hate (1 Guy, 1000 problems)
  • The Infographic Show (animated infographics)
  •  F!@# My Life (reenactments from
as well as user content.

The site launches on January 31st,  but to whet your appetite, here's the trailer.

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