Friday, October 1, 2010

Christmas Creep-y Ice Cream Truck

Christmas seems to be getting earlier and earlier, as many people on consumer-oriented blog 'The Consumerist' have noted. Many stores have now got Christmas stuff out, while others are waiting for halo ween to be over, so it can go there. For some people though, Christmas itself doesn't work for their business, so they have to start early. One of those is the ice-cream industry.

Yes, the simple, humble ice-cream truck, the bastion of summer, that heads south for winter, with the geese, has, at least here in this neck of the woods, been caught playing Christmas carols as it winds it's merry way, selling it's freezing mixture of cream and air.

Even more amusingly, this week is the first week in many months when it's not gone over 90F (32C), but let's set the scene better.

When working, I heard a jingle of bells. I thought nothing of it until the tune registered - Adeste Fideles (better known as the tune to 'O Come All Ye Faithful'). I didn't think much of it until it went on to it's next song, also a carol, so I went out to look.

I went looking in the local area (it's rural, and sound carries), and found the ice-cream truck about half a mile away. As I don't think many would believe me, I stayed a decent distance away (so I wasn't intruding on the people waiting for their children for the school bus that was imminent), and recorded it with my phone (I didn't have my video camera on me). So here it is, in it's glory.

(Sorry for the poor date/time voicing work, but it's a cellphone recording video, I did my best. Also, the video had to be re-encoded to Ogg-Theora to enable the audio for YouTube)

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