Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 9 3/4 year fling with Mirc

There are some funny things, odd coincidences in life.
I use Irc a lot. Mostly I use an old PC for my IRC and email, but it's not been working, so I've been using a version of MIRC on my main desktop. It's unregistered, as I'm unsure when I can get my preexisting desktop running with it's funny customised IRC setup (5 networks, 27 channels, and all the nickservs handled automatically, logging enabled in the appropriate channels, and blowfish+SSL support for the paranoids)

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the nag screen shows I've been using mirc, for around 9 years, 9 months and 20 days; since January 31st, 2000.

I've been using Mirc 6.35 for 9 years prior to owning this computer
I've been using Mirc 6.35 for 9 years prior to owning this computer

I did build a computer that week, and I even brought that computer with me from the UK when I moved to the US (a carry-on bag full of PC boards is 'fun' at US security-theatre checkpoints). However, this PC is one bought in March of this year. The only tie with the January 2000 computer, is it's video card (a GF2-GTS 64MB) was used in the currently non-functional IRC box.

Coincidence, or just plain spooky. Personally I'll go with bad coding and variable handling. Either way, check your nag screens when you try software, they may not be accurate.

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